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About Us

We provide fast, reliable, integrated and efficient services to meet your needs and on your time schedule.

Since 1977

Roaring Brook Consultants began serving clients in the construction and insurance industries in 1977. Our earliest jobs involved construction management and evaluation of construction field problems related to distressed jobs. Because of our familiarity with construction methods and practices, our clients soon included contractors, attorneys, other design professionals and property owners who needed timely, solid advice regarding construction, development and repairs of real property.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with our clients, based on unique solutions to unique problems. We love a challenge and we love to be creative in our approach. Many of our clients have worked with us over long periods of time, on multiple jobs. Some of our clients have been working with us since our founding. All of our clients bring us projects that are unique and specific in their requirements. We try to approach each project as an opportunity to use all the creative tools at our disposal. For some of our clients, this has meant that we have performed individual jobs numbering in the hundreds, under a variety of site, time and budget constraints.

In the late 1980’s, we joined in the transformation of the consulting and engineering industry from a slow, labor-intensive business into a fast-paced information based business utilizing technology to leverage the skills of trained professionals. We are fully familiar with Computer Aided Design and with the collection and use of electronic data. We routinely use computers and other electronic tools to enhance the quality of our services and the speed at which we address problems and develop solutions. Within this environment, we still use traditional skills of careful observation, good analysis, and engineering and scientific knowledge and experience upon which all quality solutions are based.

Services in a variety of locations…
One of our primary strengths is that we meet customer needs in variety of ways and in a variety of locations. Our primary service area is northern New England. However, we assist clients throughout the United States and overseas. With the advent of electronic document transmission and the honing of our specialized skills, it is often cost effective for our clients to have us perform services on remote projects. We have been involved in evaluating storm damage evaluation in the southern states, earthquake damage in the Territory of Guam, and snow and explosion damage to properties in the western and central United States. We have worked on construction fixtures and hoisting equipment along the East Coast. We have worked on land planning and development throughout northern New England.

In many cases, the value of a well-reasoned, timely analysis adds value to their project that far outweighs the costs for our services. As the electronic transfer of data continues to improve, geography presents a diminishing constraint to providing efficient, value-added services.