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Crane and Lift Inspection Services

Crane and Lift Inspection Services

Roaring Brook Consultants, Inc. provides a full-range of inspection services. As part of our services, we prepare an individual inspection report for each piece of equipment. Depending on the type of equipment we will furnish a certificate and sticker for equipment that passes inspection. Our services are provided by a certified crane inspector/approved OSHA surveyor. As necessary, our services are supported by a staff of professional engineers licensed throughout the northeast region and beyond. We provide the following inspection services to the appropriate OSHA standards:

  • Construction Cranes 1926 Subpart C
  • Overhead Cranes 1910.179
  • Personnel Lifts 1926.453
  • Suspended Personnel Platforms 1926.4131
  • Powered Industrial Trucks 1910.178
  • Material Hoists, Personnel Hoists & Construction Elevators 1926.552

We will work closely with you on scheduling to do everything we can to minimize cost. We will travel to your yard or the job site. If you have multiple mobile cranes we will work with you to package as many as possible with a single site visit. If you have multiple overhead cranes we will do the same.

We require the equipment to be ready for inspection upon arrival and an operator to be available for performing some of the inspection check list requirements.

Applicable to Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are based upon observed procedures and inspections performed by Roaring Brook Consultants, Inc., but are not intended to replace or supersede the necessity for routine or preventative maintenance or procedures recommended by others, such as, but not limited to manufacturers, operators, and other inspection organizations or persons.

Performing an inspection does not guarantee that a completed certificate and sticker will be provided. If a piece of equipment is found to have deficiencies, the deficiencies will be documented and will need to be fixed prior to Roaring Brook Consultants, Inc. furnishing the final certificate and sticker.

To discuss an upcoming inspection requirement please contact our main office 207-384-2643 or go to our contact page. We look forward to services you needs.